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Friday, 7 February 2014

Thrift Burn Out

Today ive trawled charity shops the length and breadth of Lincolnshire and fitted a bit of real world work in just to justify the fuel ive wasted . Is it just that ive become picky?
The house is a total tip and the washing mountain has a sherpa and a couple of ice axes hanging off the side , my crafting heap is covered in small muddy footprints "bother that cat"  come on who knows where bother that cat comes from?
 Ive never seen so many pots laid around and its not a tablescape its more like domestic sluttery awards night
Its been a totally crap week I mislaid a friend, its her funeral next week and 51 is not an age to die . It wasnt a long battle bravely fought, it was a crap deal in life , being the guinea pig for pharmaceutical companies latest wonder drugs , having your husband of 20+ do a runner because he "couldnt face it " was his bloody sock drawer empty ? Asshole
So im very bitter and twisted at the moment , hate everything with testicles and im having a very full of self pity few days .
Carole , may you smile down from heaven with a large voddie in your hand and the most gorgeous piece of man flesh on your arm , it was fun knowing you through the good times and the bad

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