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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Going To The Chapel  Had to pop this link in didnt I . 

Image result for prince harry swim suit
 Got to be the best of the wedding souvenirs .
I spent the wedding sat on the side of a fishing pit with Mr Bah Humbug and his brother The Ginger Gnome , snored through most of the day im afraid , then came home to view the wedding highlights .
Ive come to the conclusions that Amal Clooney is a succubus , nobody should be able to look that good and George is starting to look more tiny and wasted every day as if she sucks the life from him . There was some seriously stunning fashion on show most of it really tasteful . Victoria Beckham looked like she was going to a funeral , i do hope the Pizza delivery was for her , I know shes tiny but theres limits.
The bride looked stunning and the Firms bling was very impressive , she was born for that tiara .
 Just like a proper chav wedding there were endless family problems , you do wonder who got hammered at the reception and threw up in the pot plants. 
For those of us who dont really get Royalty the highlight had to be The Windsors Royal Wedding Special , chuckled my way through that one, watch this if you get the chance its on catch up TV somewhere , the Tramp Catcher was a gem and proved to be very true .
I do think Meghan is the brains in this relationship , brilliant move inviting so many of his exes.  Harry always comes across as nice but worthy, he will be the Labrador of husbands , baffled but adoring , so long as she can convince him that his decisions are his own they should have a long and happy marriage. 

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Sun Is Shining

You know when you start a job then it leads to endless other jobs ?  Well i went down the garden and started tidying , nothing got done at the backend of last year due to Mr Bah Humbugs health and the DWP . 2 Bonfires later i had the thought we dont need as much veg this year , so lets remodel the garden !!  So despite a really late spring and the swamp being hard going ive started . Theres also the fact that Mr BH can no longer get this far from the house to criticise everything i get up to . Still have no funds for this project so its all got to be scrounged or picked up from local fly tipping on the airfield , the local resource for all manner of useful things . This is eating all my spare time in fact ive only managed a single Jumble sale and a visit to Torksey car boot . Mr BH doesnt go into Jumble Sales even the ones with tea and cakes his walking being pretty dire these days .

Torksey hasnt changed in the two years since my last visit , still tons of stuff and Mr BH can get round half of it on his buggy the other half would need an off road buggy its all up and down and potholes , so he sat and people watched while i spent a whole £1.50 on a gorgeous green vinyl 70s suitcase covered in world travel labels and a couple of plants . He still hates his buggy with a vengeance , he says its just embarrassing and people stare , but it is the only way he can get around.

But despite Mr BH being a grumpy mardy wee cripple , I wouldnt be without him . Sues sad news brings that home , Col will be sadly missed a really useful male and an epic maker of bookcases  with a cheeky grin right up to the end . 

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

A Mumsy Tale

I psyched myself up last night to phone my mother , Mr Bah Humbugs comment was , "Soul Eating Time !!"
Bless her she was positively chirpy .

 I had an electrical problem . I blew up my kettle!!!
Then none of my sockets worked and the fuse box is under the airing cupboard and if i get under there i cant get out .
The gist is she had blown the trip and the idiots who she had in to replace her boiler had moved the consumer unit from out of the airing cupboard into a tiny empty cupboard beneath just to make it more convenient for an 83 year old.

Have you got Darren to come round and sort it for you ?  my cousin lives a couple of streets away

No hes on holiday , so I asked Mark, he managed to pop in between jobs .

Now my Cousin Mark lives in the same town , hes an undertaker and between jobs meant he came and parked his black private ambulance on the drive , while he flipped her trip, had a cuppa and tried to escape from her  My mother lives in a quiet little close packed with other pensioners . 
The next morning she got up to find a pair of cards on the mat, opened them and they were condolences on her own
Being my mother she had gone stomping round to the two old dears involved, had a go, and given them the cards back . The jungle drums being good in a small town she had gone shopping  ,got on the bus and it all went quiet .
We then had a whole rant about the fact she only had two cards on the mat and people staring at her  ....Mothers!!

Tuesday, 8 May 2018


This week has been a tad strange , the orthopedics firm that the local authority puts in place has been replaced with a new one , so we were summoned for a triage meeting with a new consultant for Mr Bah Humbug , so we toddled off to see this newbie .  He was very Eastern European , good English seems to know his stuff , but i dont think hes worked in the NHS much . The outcome is hes stopping Mr BH referral to Hull which it has taken 2 years to get , mainly because its not worth treating him due to his other health problems mainly the heart problems that they cant find a cause for ,  hes also asking for a referral to have MR BH gastric banded , which was the point where MR BH started to look a wee bit baffled , hes also sure that at least 2 more discs , have gone at the top of Mr BHs spine but he will just have more and more go anyway so when do you stop replacing them ?  He also questioned why MR BH uses crutches .
When we managed to get in a word edgeways and pointed out he has problems at the bottom of his spine as well that cause neuropathy and bowel and waterworks problems , he looked at the scans went AARRGG..... then  he beamed at us and said gastric band will not cure him but it will make him easier to move for me when hes bedridden . The look on the nurses face was a picture . We came out looked at each other and just cracked up laughing ......but its not really funny at all .
I think the consultant has spent to much time in the private sector that he thinks a NHS gastric band is just asked for and given , i seem to remember it takes 2 years of counselling and at least 5 stone weight loss before your even considered for the list, thats without the fact that MR BH is inoperable due to his unexplained heart problems  , plus he will be just as disabled after having one as he is now . But easier for me to care for , ive a feeling the new consultant is going to rattle an awful lot of cages , but i quite liked him .
Its also sent MR BH into one of his really dark mental holes yet again, hes going to be referred to Pain Clinic  to try and numb him to his future methinks, theyre always a nice helpful bunch so we have to settle for that for now .

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Old Biddy Party Political Broadcast 2018

Something ive noticed on my morning wander around the free internet papers The wonderful lack of Jeremy Corbyn in the Daily Fail , not a single derogatory comment , not even a comment on his carrots leaning to the Left , we are not voting today but a lot of people are in the local elections  so why have they given up on their weird hobby of imaginary Corbyn bashing . Now I like Corbyn in a dinosaur kind of way,  but You must admit he must be the most boring dinner guest on the planet, sort of Comrade pass the lentils .  and I admit i wouldnt waste a vote on the Blair Lovies he has to put up with .
The Labour Party has played a blinder with Corbyn as the leader , hes a good public speaker , he likes talking to people, in fact hes not afraid of the great unwashed at all . But you do get the impression that if hes elected one day within weeks he may choke on a lentil or fall down the stairs of the Labour Party headquarters . The party is growing in numbers everyday , every DWP letter on the mat is another Labour vote. Once Universal Workhouse really starts to hit thats even more Labour Votes .
So while we wait for the next general election , Labour is grafting at getting the votes of the little people .
The Tory Party  hit big problems ,they decided that the little people count for nothing , they ignored there local branches and many are shutting due to lack of support and an ageing population , so they began to bum lick big business for party funding because its not hard work to get a few million off them .  It never crossed their minds that the businesses would one day expect something in return .
Then we got Cameron mmmm...what a tit  , the look of horror when he realised the Brexit  hadnt gone the way it was planned , after all they only discussed it with big business party funders at their endless cocktail parties . Then the little people kicked him straight in the arse , my mother and every other Zenophobic pensioner crawled out and voted . Shocker
Now we have Mrs May with her rabbit in the headlights look , when you look at the gene pool she has to pick from for her Ministers its no wonder the country is in such a mess , theyve also realised that the weird and the strange business men who provide their funding expect something in return , hence if your rich you pay virtually no tax . The country is bankrupt not just financially but morally , the endless blatant lies will implode one day . You have to be a damned good liar to get away with it in the internet age.......

By the way which comedian invited The Orange One to visit the Queen on Friday the Thirteenth

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Of Mice and Mayhem

Bleedin mice!!!! last year they nibbled all my sweetcorn this year theyve had my broad beans, went down to the swamp yesterday only to find nibbled beans seeds sat half eaten on the soil surface , absolutely sick, these were seeds i had saved year after year that came from a heritage seed swap , so their not commercially available...AARRGGGHH
Gardening is not going at all well due to the weather and pests , its going to be a case of putting stuff in really late i think , i have to cover everything due to the pigeons then the mice turn up in gangs .

Visit from the caseworker yesterday she rang the DWP to see what on earth is going on with the Carers , they are going to start paying it this month it would seem, but now i have three different date letters , they have already cut ESA because we are getting Carers so were a wee bit skint , the last of my creditors are squealing for there money because it cant take six months to sort out benefits, sunshine it took a year to sort out the horrible mess MR BH ended up in . We are still much better off than last year .  I am also to be summoned for a back to work interview , which i shall enjoy immensely, i want them to explain why I cant go into education because im a carer 
The caseworker was telling us shes been inundated with new customers due to the first of The Universal Credit fiasco in this area , mainly self employed people who have found that its impossible to meet the requirements the DWP require , what a surprise im turning into the local DWP prophet of doom.
Ive had people ask me at the school gates if its right that you might as well give up work if your working part time self employed , its the housing benefit aspect every time . Housing Benefit now has to calculate at 40 hrs of week work, even if you work less hours due to childcare , or zero hours contracts. Where as before you worked 16 hours or more to claim Tax Credits and got Housing Benefit . This will doubtless hit single parents far more then others , thats without the six week gap with nothing to live on while they change to the new system .the change in circumstances clause that chucks you on to Universal Credit at the birth of a child , child turning 16 or 18 , time in hospital more than 2 days etc etc
Sometimes im glad im getting on and wont be around to see this whole shitty system in full flow , im seeing horror stories wherever I turn not just in the press , these are people ive known for years .The Tory party have created an online Workhouse in Universal Credit and nobody cares because it doesnt affect them . So if your voting tomorrow , vote with your heart , theyre the usual bunch of liars cheats and con men , but some marginally give a toss about others ...maybe

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Im Back

Well it rained last night and im waiting to see if the flood water drains down enough to let me continue chopping down trees . Brambles im sick of them , the birds poo them out and they pop up everywhere so im on a bramble cull , this is not a small garden so its proving fun just a row of conifers to top out , joy , nobody wants to help with that one im afraid .
The new windows are amazing , you cant see the curtains blowing in the wind nor the daylight round the sides , so a huge improvement , we will just have to watch the mould problems dont get worse . Shame they didnt do the doors as i got up to the usual hallway full of snails due to last nights rain theres nothing like a slug between the toes to wake you up in the morning .

Royal baby? suitably bored , its a baby, its healthy and it will lead a life of privilege.
 Kate looking groomed and perfect on the steps outside the hospital  , which isnt hard with a personal  stylist , hairdresser and make up artist standing outside the room waiting for you to pod . No "for god sake get me home , im leaking and i need a frozen sweetcorn round my bruised bits " like most .
Home to the nanny , valets and the press officer .
I still think they should go with naming him Kevin it has a certain ring Prince Kevin or maybe Prince Donald ? Both are popular choices on twitter along with Jeremy for some reason .

Wednesday, 18 April 2018


The blog is going into suspension due to the builders and gardening . I have lovely new windows but the mess is incredible , ive cleaned the bare minimum ,theres boxes everywhere, the place is a total shit tip . Therefore im off to get on with the garden broadbeans need sorting, trees to chop down a million other jobs ...I will return............................when it rains

Saturday, 14 April 2018

This is the End

I keep hearing the Doors song in my head of late , current affairs being what they are at the moment .
So how do we think Mr Putin is going to react to our latest idiocy ? So out comes my crystal ball .
Alternate futures for 2018
Mrs May has announced that Brexit is being put on hold for the foreseeable future , well you cant be messing about when youve just started a war can you .
The Conservative party has announced that all unemployed Universal Credit claimants must report to their local munitions factory , after all were not a picky country and will sell munitions to any nut job with a fistful of cash , this will be hailed as a huge success as the jobless figures fall through the floor

.Mr Trump is rubbing his hands together in glee , as he presents Theresa May with the evidence that the current government sold  the chemicals used in Syria to them , so we need to bomb the place flat before the independent commissioners get there . "Dont we Theresa, after all we have a special relationship" said with a twinkle in his eye .

Cyprus the crispy island that Putin nuked is no longer a good place to holiday. Well hes not daft enough to pick anywhere big its got everybodys airbases on it and it might serve as a real big wake up call to the Israelies to keep their nebs out of Syria

Meanwhile the orange one has just found out that the nuclear codes he was given on his first day in the job are actually the toilet door codes for the US military offices , The military are meanwhile picking their targets with care .

Now for the UK i think theres a couple of scenarios , we either end up as a Russian province, theyres an awful lot of military trained Eastern Europeans here working in the fields, or we just face the fact we are going to end up as the crispy island and we cant predict which idiot will nuke us . But neither of them need us and the EU would rather like to see the back of us . Im rather hoping its not the second scenario as I live between 3 huge RAF bases so might as well paint a huge target on my roof .

So this is my cheerful Saturday post ?

Thursday, 12 April 2018


So I got a little PPI cheque , its not huge but its the first money since the 30th December that is actually mine , after a lecture from the kids i was informed by the kids that i must spend some of it on me .
 All those PPI adverts and only one company would take the problematic Lloyds TSB account that was in joint names with my ex husband and dated back to the time of the dinosaurs , its been refused 3 times ive tried since PPI got famous to get the money . Yes theyve charged a big fee but they got a cheque out of the notoriously crafty TSB , they were polite and helpful every step of the way no hassle at all , just one nasty call from LLoyds TSB they argued that they shouldnt pay out because my ex had made a claim on the policy , but he had made a claim after we were legally separated and before the mortgage was settled up in the divorce, so it was nothing to do with me. They payed out my half of the insurance .    Ebico Group I love You . …

This has caused a bit of a atmosphere as Mr BH has put in his four pennyworth he  said i must pay my debts , its funny as these are debts caused by the DWP fiasco , but theyre now all mine and nothing to do with him , I had no debts before the DWP fiasco, this i think could mean that i may throttle him . He can be a miserable git at times but at the moment hes on his full on drive everyone away mode .
Well i bought a strimmer and a weed burner which to me seemed extravagant, but the kids said you must buy something for your self . Well theres nowhere in Lincoln sells fat bird clothing i would be seen dead in , its all sparkly fat bird on a cruise , or summer colours that attract bugs .
I looked on line all the stuff on line in fat bird is priced to the hilt or made for normal shaped fat birds , i have comedy boobs that are out of proportion to the rest of me . So my daughter said look at Wish , so i spent a couple of days rooting through the hideous fat bird half dressed clothing , I like stuff up to my neck long sleeved and a decent length , im not flapping my bingo wings for anyone .
 Finally found a plus sized shop that does multi seasonal clothing and  lots of draped stuff and she wasnt happy when i pointed out i could always use the fabric if it didnt fit , they also do the neutral colours I like , sort of Chinese granny . Which is fine by me , I do look much older than i am, like most of my family, its not a bad thing ,you dont change you just stay the same for 30 years till you pop your clogs and theres no rule that i cant wear DMs till the day i die , or have plaits and wear really bad taste jewellery and accessories . So ive spent a whole £20 on me and im awaiting the arrival sometime in the distant future when i will give an honest review of Zanzea plus size  ...first new clothing in 5 years but  it doesnt mean im not going to the Jumble this weekend .

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Open Wide

So im to be infested with the window fitters tomorrow , which seems like a miracle after the 10 years of arguing with the council over the double glazing we stole . We had been given a date but that doesnt mean a thing , they were supposed to be putting in a new boiler at xmas nobody came, but the window blokes are currently next door so at some stage this week we may get sorted . Though they seem to be having problems making the back ones fit next door , cant wait till they try to do our twisted kitchen window , fen moves and so has the house and the window frame is actually snapped and you can see daylight if you take all the tape and bath sealer off
So today is day of moving everything , so that tomorrow i can be ready shouldnt take to long but MR is nagging already , then he starts on the whole we could decorate routine ..... Errr no
I loathe decorating its my pet hate and when he says WE he means just me !! Sarcastic son will make himself scarce , Useful son cant be spared to help as Grandad isnt well . So it would be me doing everything in a state of frenzied resentment with MR  driving me mad with constant criticism , I intend to fling a bit of emulsion paint around and thats my lot .
Festering is my current mode im afraid , Mr is doing the whole,im in pain im grumpy, everyday at the moment , then hes keeping me awake most of the night . So sleep would be a nice luxury , plus the munchkin isnt back at school till next week  AARRGGHHH
Then its garden season and its all a swamp , i treated myself to a weed burner and a cordless strimmer to try and tackle the back garden so the veg can go in and just got another lecture on wasting money , I did point out that i hadnt bought a new item of clothing for 5 years and had holes in all my footwear , the cupboards are bursting and hes just got a new car and a spazzy chariot .
I didnt point out that im the one with debts after year of no money,not him. . He needs to realise that Carer doesnt equate to unpaid slave and its not sinking in very well at all !!

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Modern Life

Lets talk about things that baffle me as an old biddy , looking at the modern world .
Im so glad that the fashion for comedy eye brows is starting to die off it was getting so hard to keep a straight  face when someone turned round and they didnt exactly have a matching pair or they had used a black marker pen , even better is drunk eyeliner .
The latest fad seems to be comedy lips typified in endless pouting selfies on twitter . Is it me or does this strike you as downright odd , i'm old enough to remember what happened to Leslie Ash with the trout pout that went wrong . So lets put it out there apparently your lips are made to look like your vulva???  Do they squat on a mirror or does the beautician take a ganders then stick a bit more on each side , my first thought is how do these poor girls sit down and the male i asked did say it reminds him of sucker fish on the side of a fish tank and it was bloody terrifying if you woke up in the morning and it was hiding under your duvet .
Ho hum the things people do in the name of fashion , who are we to mock , remember poodle perms?

Monday, 2 April 2018

Rain Rain Go Away

Well I had hoped to do a huge gardening post for this weekend but as the gardens currently under water and we have a six inch deep moat formed across the front of the house getting closer and closer to the front door , I think we will give that one a

All ive done this weekend is stare at the rain , potter about  and do a little cross stitch .
 I thought i would roast the garden hazelenuts and make some fruit cakes , it went badly, what should have been a simple job went a tad wrong when Mr Bah Humbug needed my help with an urgent issue then the smoke alarms went off and you guessed it id a whole oven of flames and smoke, house still
Plan B was to make jam , ive a ton of fruit in the freezer that needs using up mainly raspberries , no sugar AARRGGHH  I had several bags but someone has used the lot , We dont use it for anything but jam making and the occasional cake , the culprit would appear to be Sarcastic son who informs me he takes five sugars in his coffee .  It has to be really cheap for me to stock pile it and its over a year since I bought five bags on my travels. I just wish people would tell me when theyve used the last of anything . You guessed it Easter Sunday and everywhere was shut , plus its a 10 mile round trip to any shop now and thats only the Coop.

So then I thought i'd do my spring list for jumble and car boot .
Steamer   I dropped it and it died
Small Food Processor ,  finding it hard to knead stuff and rub in pastry and the munchkin isnt always available to help .
Vacuum packer and bag sealer , always wanted to try one
Small garden fork and shovel for the munchkin , he loves gardening but hes just a little to small for the adult size
Outdoor Toys for the munchkin and his little group of henchmen , maybe Swing Ball the old style metal version, the feeble plastic Argos ones are not a lot of good . Peddle cars in a bigger size and a small set of goalposts.
I do suppose books will feature on the list along with pretty china somewhere .

So now my day starts Mr BH is shouting that he needs me , lifes so thrilling , I thought id let him lie in for an hour as hes been up and down all night and neither of us has had much sleep , but i recognise the sound of grumpy male on the move , it will be a long day .

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Spread The Word

Nothing much to say about easter eggs and bunnies and happy families . But as someone who has seen so many families and lives destroyed by the Government in their disability cull . Read this ...its not fake news , its not written by a biased press, its just someone who has to live without a future .
Spread the word , this is the reality of life today in the UK

Wednesday, 28 March 2018


Well it is very drippy out there .  So what have we been up to in the world of scrouging this week
We went to see the lovely wizard at Sheffield Hospital a nightmare of a journey due to roadworks . Then a case of pensioners paying dodgems with their mobility cars in the disabled parking , its great when your having to separate a pair of  stick wielding old duffers who really had just scuffed a bit of paint off their mobility cars as their wives look on in horror .  It was all on the security cameras so why they were having a go beggars belief ...Its a man thing
 Only to get in there and find out only half the lifts were working and it took 40 minutes to get Mr and his wheels up to the top of the building , the Hallamshire has not a lot of lifts and its a huge tower block of a building , so we were 10 minutes late for his appointment , didnt matter as there was a big sign saying the clinic was running at least an hour late , but Mr has been going on and on  ever since how hes never late for anything and it was all my fault ???
But the sort of good news is that they are discharging him for the time being , there are lots of little indications of abnormality but nothing adds up to a diagnosis except of what he hasnt got , no more tumours found, hes not had another stroke and hes not having seizures which was the main concern . It appears he may have some weird form of migraine with aura which may be linked to his heart problems as well . So she cleared him to drive and doesnt want to see him again unless anything else major goes wrong .
You would think this would cheer Mr up but hes down in the dumps , although hes cleared to drive hes terrified to do so and he says physically he knows he would struggle most of the time . Hes also facing the fact that his days on 2 wheels are over and i think this one is whats getting to  him , hed rather resigned himself to the fact that the Neurologist would find something dire and he could eventually be free from the endless pain , its a little bad that a long unhealthy life is something to put you back into depression on a grand scale .  Lots of fishing and oranges and sunshine needed .

I have gone back to my old ways and had to rescue this little Edwardian school book . it was lonely and unloved

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Mr Motivating

Im here still dragging on with the after effects of the stinking virus, just have a cough and snot still , but annoying me no end , oh and ive pulled something down my side that feels like ive nettled myself day and night...bizarre , but then ive always been strange that way .
Other half is still laughing how he managed to buy a car when i was ill , we picked it up Saturday morning just before Snowmageddon hit , I do see the argument in some ways , we had to spend the back payment fairly quickly or be penalised for having it , the car is ex mobility and comes with a hoist to enable me to get his spazzy chariot in and out of the boot .  But I just dont get the whole modern car thing , its all very Starship Enterprise , very pointless gadget ridden and a million controls for the sound system . He says im just an old dinosaur and need to move with the times
Next week were back at Sheffield Hospital so i guess we will see if it likes the motorway , Mr goes back to see neurology and get a verdict on whether he can drive again or not .  I think hes vaguely accepted that he probably wont be doing , I just wish they would make theyre minds up one way or the other .
Then he gets a phonecall from a strange mumbly little indian doctor to say theyre now referring him to Hull spinal after 2 years of doing bog all at Lincoln, hes had countless steroid injections into his spine and pelvis all they achieved was to give him headaches for weeks on end , now they say it could be something to do with a benign growth that he has in the inoperable part of his spinal damage , we think theyre clutching at straws but apparently Hull may be able to embolise it , to see if it does any good . Sounds like fun .
On the heart problems , theyre still baffled , they cant find anything wrong with his heart despite him having every test under the sun but the fact remains that it keeps skipping beats, hes just got to wander round with his spray and dial 999 if in doubt .
This makes Mr Bah Humbug sound like a total physical wreck , but hes gimping about as usual , hes a very overweight moth eaten Ewok , though changing his drugs has meant hes lost 2 stone you cant tell , hes much more lucid with this new chemical cocktail though hes in a lot more pain and can only manage walking with his crutches for a few yards at the moment , what he needs is loads of sunshine and a days fishing , hurry up Spring !!

Friday, 9 March 2018

All Snotted Up

Forgive my break due to ill health, I ended up once again with the snot virus from hell , a real sleep 20 hours a day and wander round the house like something from a 50s horror movie  , in fact i now have wonderful infected sinuses and difficulty moving as ive coughed so much . So im just wandering round like the Wrath of God at the moment , wondering why nothing appears to have been done in the house for over a week !!! and struggling with the decision of who to kill first....its a hard choice . 
The one moaning because hes got no clean socks or the muppet who never thought to take the mouldy batch of towels out of the washer ?  People who moan because Im not available for the school run or childcare ?
My current favourite is my OH who has just now informed me because im up and about now , hes booked to go and look at a car tomorrow at Hunstanton , he cant drive and ive just tried to demolish the gatehole while having a coughing fit , hes a bright bugger bless him

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Let It Snow

Well this is nice , I had planned a big clean today , but theyre all stuck at home so doubtless it will be make a thousand cuppas and feed the five thousand
Mr Bah Humbug is grumping over his disability , he remembers the days of towing the kids down the lane on a car bonnet , fun with tractors etc etc now he darent set foot out of the door
Penny Cat is glued to a window watching snow fall , shes fascinated but horrified when you open the window and she realises its cold and wet out there .
I just keeping looking at the light quality and thinking should i dig out some cross stitch or other embroidery for a few hours , just because its so bright and white out there .
We are nearly out of bread so I guess we had better go and mug a pensioner they seemed to be gathering it all up in armfuls yesterday in Tesco . I didnt bother there was only the weird stuff left on the shelves , so I will set the munchkin on later for a batch of bread rolls and some of his favourite current buns .
Tesco tip off , theyre having a bit of a frozen food sale at the moment , it may not be in every branch as Tesco sales can be a bit that way . But it does appear that theyre selling off lots of their everyday value items , burgers fish fingers etc anyone know of a child that looks at a fishfinger and says im sorry its not Birdseye im not eating it ? Does this mean theyre doing away with them? theyre not great but if your skint its food and its filling . Ive made meatballs for bolognese with the cheap burgers the last few months , nobody noticed . There probably wont be a requiem if the sausages are going  theyve all complained about them.unless they came attached to a hunk of yorkshire pudding and onion gravy .... Cheesecakes and christmas buffet stuff , plus other big brand items really cheap . Theres lots of the veggie quorn and linda mcartney stuff half price as well . Im partial to Linda Mccartney veggie sausage rolls and nobody noticed the difference between cheap burgers and veggie burgers once theyre in a bun with chutney onion rings and whatever yellow label posh cheese ive lathered on them   All great freezer fillers for those of us who dont have the luxury of choice.
Sadly im still struggling to get my head round being able to shop and having choice , maybe i should sue the DWP for damaging my mental health?
The winds building up and its snowing like the clappers here ive not heard a single vehicle in the last hour and earlier there was only one or two , we may lose the electric shortly so its off to go and do the bread rolls , we have a big camping gas stove for just such occasions , living in the country is such fun.......byeee

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Spend Spend Spend

Still buying oranges , It sounds very wartime Britain doesnt it ?

What did you miss most during the famine sir ?

Fruit when theres frost on the ground and a good pork chop!

So im building my store cupboards back up ...gradually ..though a trip to the butcher who will do what i like at Grimsby has helped , a seller of dreadful chicken but willing to go in the back and drag out half a cow to cut me some nice fatty stew beef , he just laughs and shakes his head , but im not sure how anyone makes good stew with that dreadful lean stuff they have in the supermarkets . he also did me a deal on a mountain of rump steak  and a huge pile of mangled lamb chops that also go into stew , then it was off to another butchers for the sausages we like and a couple of tiny pork joints , plus a gammon for Easter . Once upon a time there were pork butchers , poultry butchers and cow and sheep butchers but you didnt do lots of different meats till the war , so back in the day there was little cross contamination within the food chain , convenience always seems to muck things up .

 This weeks highlights have included The Jack Monroe spat with the local conservatives over using her as an example of living and feeding a child on £10 a week , I must admit that i would be a bit peeved as well . She documented a period in her life when due to bureaucratic incompetence she and her child nearly starved to death and this is what the Tories think is what we should aspire to? 

On the what is society coming to front , yesterday I was in Cleethorpes first thing just to find two police cars and 3 police officers having a wee chat with 3 homeless folks sat on a bench in the high street , it looked as if one had slept there all night and they wanted him gone , they were giving him the long lecture about arresting him for begging , that he was intimidating people passing by etc etc . they looked as bored as i think the young man involved was . But a woman from one of the nearby shops was ranting on, then  the coppers got there blues on and went to do some real policing .
I was just popping to the cafe so asked him if he wanted a coffee , bear in mind he had frost on his blankets and was blue and shaking . Come back with the coffee and had a wee chat .
It seems he can stay there so long as hes on his own and doesnt speak to anyone . Me talking to him and giving him a coffee was being photographed by the woman from the shop , like i give a monkeys

He seemed a nice enough lad polite but with drug problems . He then asked if i could spare 2 quid
my reply
Nope chuck , because £2 X 5 is enough to buy a wrap isnt it
He just laughed and said
For an old bird you know how its done

Lol ...Young Baldrick taught me a lot

Monday, 19 February 2018

Party On

Sorry for the absence , we were in the Caribbean on a cruise , we just popped down the tattoo shop for Mr to have a full back tattoo of Theresa Mays face with thank you and a halo above it then we started smoking, got drunk    did some drugs and bought a takeaway...the shop that is !!
Have you guessed im kidding yet or are you friends with my mother?
Please try not to laugh at this sorry DWP story that I couldnt make up . Now the day after my last post Mr Bah Humbug was doing his endless checking of his bank account he checks it at least 4 times a day its a symptom of the mental health problems he has . Now hes on the internet as the clock turns midnight because hes in agony and isnt sleeping well at all . Next think I know hes gasping and trying to reach his spray as im reaching for the phone to dial 999 , yep a big angina attack a two sprayer as he charmingly calls them .
Dont phone he manages to gasp out , theyve been in my bank account again . Of course i assumed theyd took a load out from the back  PIP money hed been paid .
I calmed him down his heart rate settles , hes asking for a cuppa because his spray tastes awful and im telling him it doesnt matter weve survived this long etc etc etc .
He turns his puter round and says take a look , I look and nearly fell through my knicker leg , they had dropped every penny of the year long ESA refusal into his bank account on the stroke of midnight with no warning , no letter no anything .
He then chimes up with ....well at least you would have had the money to pay for my funeral !! with a beaming grin on his face.
Have we partied ? nope we have had oranges 2 weeks on the trot though we dont have to worry about the fuel for his endless hospital trips , he bought himself some bulbs for a radio he wants to do up  and a cross stitch for me ive been after for ages .
Our caseworker is horrified , she says we have survivor guilt and shouldnt just sit here , but at the moment i just feel totally numb .....