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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Jumble Sale

Today i toddled off to the jumble sale , dragged my daughter and a grumbling 5 year old along as well.  It was heaving ive never seen one so busy , but this is always a good one . Didnt buy tons but very happy with what i did get . A big pile of nice sturdy xmas boxes , i thought they would do for ebay posting if nothing else , i thought they were a bit heavy , turns out theyre crammed full of red and gold themed xmas decorations, sadly not vintage but allready claimed by my daughter , 12 china knobs that may fit the missing ones on my bureau , if not off to ebay . Shell coins a whole stack of them , a couple are the rare ones so im well pleased for 10p . A huge piece of material with a beige and black screen printed design that im sure i can find a use for .
My daughter managed to find some ancient text book that is desirable to a politics student the most expensive item of the day at 40p , a pile of games for the small monster have also come
Now if id had a booth somewhere i would have picked up the pyrex tealight stands with pyrex , the huge enamel 70s stewpot with big daisies and the vast tupperware cake savers , they were a stunning 50p each, but realisticaly they are to big for me to post . Ive found that buyers get very annoyed when you cant courier stuff to them , they think youre making it up when you say your that rural nobody will touch you , plenty of companies advertise pickups anywhere but believe me out here its at a price and the nearest depot is a 30 mile round trip . Even when you put buyer collect they still buy stuff then give you negative feedback for not doing courier deliveries , then youve all the trouble of gettng the feedback removed , just because theyre muppets who dont read the listing properly

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