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Friday, 28 February 2014

Jigsaws & Insomnia

So  im skint as always and have yet another stinking head cold.  Its jigsaw season , last nights effort was a Jigmap of New Zealand , proper retro 70s jigsaw , these do sell on ebay with varied results so ive been good finished it and into the shop it has gone .
i have a vintage jigsaw problem , i bought a big box of the jig maps from a car boot in the summer the trouble is they had all come loose into the big outer box they were packed in , they are all the same colours so it wasnt accurate separating them, so because theyre such a pain , I do one of them now and again then hunt through all the loose bits to finish them .

Waddingtons did some great vintage jigsaws , the circular ones sell well , I must have had every one of them as a kid , you always got a jigsaw at Xmas mainly because my dad wanted to do them.
Jigsaws are a seller take a look on ebay , but they sell best with a completed picture . Sealed ones do great the bigger the better . Springbox from the 60s  can really surprise you and you do find quite a few of the obscure ones in the UK, if you will ship to America they can make silly money

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