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Friday, 14 February 2014

An Unromantic Valentines Day

Oh well Mr Bah Humbug has once again delivered his usual rant , "Commercialism gone mad , men trying to buy a sex life...etc etc etc .
There are days when you should be able to lock your partner in a closet it and not get done for spousal abuse , this is one of them .
Though the herds of blokes with the startled in the headlamps look running round Sainsburys was worth a chuckle , they dont get it do they ? Put some thought into it you muppets!!
Meanwhile in the corner of my kitchen , im enjoying  My goody box from Jann is amazing shes a far better crafter than me , plus im not sure how the edibles made it through customs , but they smell gorgeous . Theres so much in a little box . I hope my box of tricks makes it to her

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