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Monday, 24 February 2014

Mary Mary

Well I still havent found spectacular , though Ive wandered all around mablethorpe, alford and Spilsby  between jobs today, it being a glorious sunny spring day .
So for today I thought id share a little garden ornament im rather fond of , ive had her for years , the boys have cut down the huge clematis that was growing over her so now shes looking sad and lonely, i have every intention of turning her into a bathtub madonna , she really needs a shrine to cover her , I did have her in my kitchen at the old house .
Purchased at Swinderby many years ago , from an Irish gentleman for next to nothing as she had fallen over and broke her hands , love her dearly, shes due a repaint this year once shes dried out , may even try to mould her some hands with a pair of gloves and resin, rhinestone gloves would look pretty awesome .

We got some funny looks belting home with her strapped in the passenger seat , so yes I have a 5ft virgin in the garden

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