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Friday, 21 February 2014

Technically challenged mr bah humbug is letting me play with his iPad. Probably not one of his better ideas, first thoughts . Why is this thing so heavy? Why can't Safari go a bit faster! Maybe because I live in the back of beyond!
Now as a spring has sprung kind of person it's the first jumble sale of the year locally and I'm getting overexcited, will bag lady have tripped over a trailing vintage tablecloth during the winter , will I find lots of spectacular stuff. I've even altered my work schedule so I can attend.
I've left a couple of minuscule bids at the local auction, with the improvement in weather maybe  I will be luck
Meanwhile in the world of eBay, the chapel chairs finally sold locally and we have lots of groceries. Lol
so much to list and so little time but at least next week I've 3 days off I can't figure out how to find my pictures, I will go away until such time as I have something spectacular to show and tell

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