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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Spam Sunday

Have you ever been so bored that youve sat and read your spam bin?  The vile weather is still keeping me housebound , yes I know all you motivated people will all be out there yomping through whatever nature has decided to chuck at you , getting fit so you can pay the nursing home fees for a few years longer than me . No chance , im paid to go out in all weathers during the week , the weekend is for huddled in my blanket with my hot water bottle, my hexie patchwork and a good book . 
So what does my spam bin have to say to me , errrrr good grief theyve noticed im a fat bird , I must instantly send these strange people loads of money so that i can become the ultimate lust object a skinny bird !! doesnt say how theyre going to achieve that one , maybe they plan to come round chop off my limbs and sew up my mouth . Its all that would
Nat West ad Co-op Bank need me to log in to my accounts because of a security breach , have I that much money that I have bank accounts that I have forgot about? Dont think so 
Internet dating sites , I found Mr Bah Humbug online but not on a dating site , just on a chatroom for those of us who have weird kids , took me two years to pluck up the courage to meet him , hasnt turned out to bad....the kids are still weird though 
Do I want lots of Bingo Cash depositing in my account , in fact 14 accounts for various sites, am i that old that i must become a bingo granny ?
Canadian Online Pharmacy , bit creepy this one, thats always in the news for selling euthanasia drugs , whose been on my ID looking that  up?
Marta from Burkino Faso wants me to help her get her millions out of the country , I have very generously sent my exs bank details , he needs the money more than me and hes always been partial to a damsel in distress. 
I think I will go back to my only thrift purchase of the week  this giant monster doorstop of a volume that you may see much more of , a facsimile copy of the 1939-40 Army & Navy Catalogue  this has to be the ultimate source of 40s retro household items , im in love and ive barely got past the luggage pages , I keep squealing when i spot stuff i own . So night folks , ive a small bit of reading to catch up on

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