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Monday, 17 February 2014

Monday Lust Objects

In a bid to cheer myself up .. ive a severe case of the winter blues prompted by poverty , lack of ebay stock  and life in general at the moment . Even the cat has turned into a ginger Eeyore , but it cant be much fun being a cat in the weather weve been having , after all i can chuck everything covered in mud in the washer he has to lick the stuff off his fur .
A single day of sunshine and are to blame for me looking around the internet for my spring lust objects , of the man flesh variety .
Well first up it had to be a werewolf didnt it , spot the obvious downside of this one . Thats right a werewolf should be furry not quite perfect .

Please explain why bruce willis even bald old and wrinkly , still does it for me he just has to smirk and this old bird melts , i managed to stay awake after 9pm just to watch him last night

But the weirdest of all is why have i developed a crush on the chubby beardy in the Cadburys advert , is it subliminal, chocolate sex? chocolate sex ? the menopause? or am i just weird ?
 So girlies or boysies who is your weird crush ? do tell

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