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Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Well today being my day off, I thought a whole day of domestic servitude was called for , so ive washed and polished and cooked all day .
Now for the truth , found an email this morning for the chuckout auction  for Unique Auctions in Lincoln , thought i'd pop along , they have a big "antique" sale at the weekend   and this was all the stuff not quite good enough for that.  Didnt buy anything today its 2 days before payday  so as usual im broke ,but I think i will make the effort to go again. Furniture was so cheap it was embarrassing , there was also some quite good boxed rubbish lots .
Plus the auctioneer was a decent easy to follow bloke , not one of the selling cattle type who you can get in out of the city auctions.
If you were young and furnishing a home on the cheap this is the one to go to, for a £100 you could get most of your white goods , wardrobes and other wooden stuff . theres a lot of repaint items as well .
Theres a lot of stuff on my wish list for the weekend sale  , but as it would be buy to keep , im banned

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