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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Tartan & Pyrex

I can vouch for the fact that it is very easy to hide Pyrex, it can be cunningly hidden in your pan cupboard because you know that Mr Bah Humbug has more chance of entering the realms of Mordor than using a pan. Blue JAJ Pyrex snowflake divided dish tucked away for a few years till i find a

Its been posing in my lousy photographs , along with this big bit of Tartaness that needs to go into the shop ,  when I get round to it of course , vintage 60s perfect and gorgeous car blanket , pure wool , i could find a thousand uses for this , but i hid the Pyrex so I must play fair .
Meanwhile in the real world it looks like work will pick up come April , lots of bookings coming in , so then i can go out and thrift and car boot and pile it up far higher ready for the winter no work season , ebay in the summer tends to die off , if its nice who wants to sit inside ?

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