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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Come Fly With Me

Forced to dip into the Home for Redundant Volumes yet again , roll on Spring . 
Having a funny old week this week , lots of work in the real world but im struggling to make it pay , fuel costs are eating my wage with a vengeance im afraid , an ongoing problem that will never improve. I need to improve my income somehow not sure what inspiration will strike , ebay fluctuates widely so isnt a way to pay the rent , wish it was .
The Wonder Book of Aircraft from the 1930s is a strange one , I have lots of Wonder Books this is a weird mixture of aerial photographs and man bait , thats maybe why it doesnt appeal. I may give it a go in I dont  sell many books because they tend to drown on ebay . 

What amuses me is the fact that women dont get much of a mention , women were flying planes by then, and its just before WWII , when women flew a lot but not in a combat role

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