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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Am I going Mad ?

Answer the question.....ive had a funny few days, stomach bug having settled down to bearable with the worst smelly flatulance of all time , back at work properly tomorrow .
So in a fit of preparedness I thought I would log into the company internet to pick up some urgent work they told me about yesterday . That was 3 hours ago !!! and im still trying to log in to the poxy useless , highly expensive corporate system , the chimp from IT has hung up on me 3 times now , if i knew where he was located id hunt him down and insert his mobile slowly and painfully into a random orifice , he just had the cheek to tell me im to old to understand what im doing ..Doh . i think I can spell my name by now , so why does it keep telling me that its spelt wrong ?
Now logged in and the printer has decided its lost a driver AAARRRGGGHHH bloody computers

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