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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Duty Bound

Where to Begin ?
We received a phone call Friday night from a very nice lady , who had Young Baldrick at her house in Birmingham , he was once again homeless and her daughter who is also autistic had befriended him and bought him home , she knew him from college . He was in a right state filthy , emaciated and crying . She got him clean ,fed and let him sleep on the floor . Now most of yesterday was spent trying to find out what is going on and what is happening with him . Adult Social Care, couldnt find any record of him , we knew hed had social workers at various stages when hed got into trouble , but it seems that once he reached adulthood aka 18 they just closed his files and filled them , if there was no requests for help , he ceased to matter . They are going to ring him on Monday ...big help there !!

So after much thought , we are going to take him in , that must sound a little strange , most parents and step parents would just leap in a car and fetch him , but because of Mr Bah humbugs disability and the fact that we are in Council Housing and already classed as overcrowded , this could get us another eviction notice . There is also the fact that we are fairly sure that drugs either legal Highs or harder fit in the picture somewhere and we have a seven year old who adores his uncle on the premises .

But what has really pushed the problem is a rather bizarre conversation held with his mother on the phone , as far as we were aware she was helping to sort matters after he was homeless in the New Year . It goes a little like this .
Well I took him to the Housing Department and they said that as he was special needs they would pay me £14 a day if he stayed with us because its cheaper than him being placed in a hostel .

OK, so what happened

He said hed sooner go into a hostel

OK, so did he go to the hostel.

I dont know and I dont care , theres a bed here for him , I could have got £14 a day for putting  up with him . Anyway they need to stop pandering to him hes got to learn to live like the rest of us . Theres nothing special about him , hes just an ignorant idle waster .

Well we are picking him up tomorrow, he will come to us .

Send me a text when you throw him out ...bye

So as of today we will have a 20 year old sleeping on the floor , doing cold turkey off whatever he has been taking , theres nowhere to run to from here , we really are 15 miles from anyware. Tomorrow I will start dealing with the authorities over this sorry mess, Didnt need this ,dont want this and it will all fall on my shoulders yet again , im thinking of crowd funding for gin ? as an option maybe ?

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