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Monday, 15 February 2016

The Politically Incorrect Immigration Edition

Well lets upset everyone, lets talk about that which should not be mentioned , immigration .
Every newspaper every facebook feed is full of the horrors of the Muslim invasion of Europe , so lets take a look from the perspective of a little old biddy in the fens .
1  Mrs Merkel has aged 20 years in the space of 6 months , she agreed to let thousands of migrants into Germany and didnt get the grateful families posing for the journalists she expected , instead she has ended up with some grateful families and a wonderful bunch of multi racial sex offenders , who dont understand womens rights exist , this is not a cultural difference , this is something that needed to be jumped on very publicly and very loudly by the authorities . But no, they decided to blanket news block the issue and it rather backfired because nobody has yet managed to block the whole of the internet and the truth got out .
2 Skinheads , well thats any bald bloke with a football tattoo tarred with the same brush . Yes there are far right skinheads all over Europe but they are few and far between , the US has the Aryan something or other , we have groups of dodgy blokes who bore everyone in the pub to death with their minority views , they are not getting mass membership enquiries .
3 Despite what the papers say , we actually deport more Americans , Canadians and Australians than anything else . Yes we should deport everyone found guilty of a criminal offense in the UK that is a non national . Regardless of whether they have children born here, own a bleedin cat or have an allotment to tend .
4 The small issue of asylum seekers destroying their passports and pretending to be children . Easily cured if you have a look for their wisdom teeth , but looking is against there human Rights , yes a few late developers may sneak through the check , but the 6ft Libyan beardy isnt going to end up in a childrens home , im sure Bob Geldorf said he had a spare room ?
So in summary lets just state we will welcome asylum seekers and refugees if they just tell us the truth , Europe is full of people who want to help in someway , there is a small very vocal minority who want to waste police time staging pointless demonstrations and having a ruck. Yes we are scared , scared that we are looking down the barrels of world war 3 and scared people do and say foolish things . Political Correctness needs booting out the door and hard core common sense needs to be brought into play ..THE END

This a party political broadcast on behalf of the Old Biddy Party

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