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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

It Continues

I had to take the day off work yesterday to continue the saga of Young Baldrick , I managed to flatten my phone battery three times .
My next crafting effort will be a doll resembling his mother with very large pins as a fashion statement...grrr.
I have to say that for the most part everyone has been really helpful , but the problems just keep piling up .
He has a meeting with housing next week , for which as he has no ID, we have had to fork out £24 for a duplicate birth certificate , that was this weeks grocery money .
Social Care were quite helpful on the first call . told us a few more things we need to ring and to contact social care in his old home town.
This is the point where I had  to sit down and just go OHM
Apparently he hasnt got a social worker , he has had one periodically when cause for concern has been raised by various people , this will be the times they have contacted us for information and asked if we would take him to give his mother some respite . But what has happened is , and the very nice lady apologised profusely,as they were aware his mother was "difficult" is that at the point where he left full time education he should have been assessed and restatemented for his adult needs , but because no one requested it they have shut his files and because he is no longer a juvenile they are now locked . So his bleedin mother when the money stopped , promptly chucked him out . He seems to have gone to the YMCA because he thought they would help the homeless . Somebody there had helped him but we cant find out who. But when the scheme he was housed under lost funding at xmas , he was then homeless .That was the point where his mother assured us she had sorted everything out .
The second call to our local Social Care didnt go quite so well. They acknowledge that he is special needs , but because he didnt have a key worker they wont help , he isnt in any danger so thats it , unless they get a statement of needs . The women then took great pleasure in informing me that once he gets the statement he will have to wait 6 months for a psychological report because his juvenile files are shut .AAARRRRRGGGHHH then once we get that because of budgetry restrictions it may be another 6 months before he can receive the help he is deemed to need .
So today im going to ring the nice Autism lady and see if theres any way we will be able to get the reports done quicker privately ...somehow we will raise the funds .

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