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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Am I Really Doing This

When youre awake at 4am reading up on autistic spectrum disorders , you know you have a .
Its a problem that isnt going away and is going to need a lot of work .
Yesterday I popped to the doctors with Young Baldrick , now our GPs are spectacularly awful , theres a couple of good ones , theres one who has come straight out of training and should be sent back and to have common sense and people skills added to his programming, then theres an endless stream of odd and awful locums . The backroom staff however are really good , receptionists, nurses pharmacists etc all go above and beyond . So we got his registration sorted , they explained that it could be done rapidly if his old surgery was on the same operating system and they would ring me when they had done it . Meanwhile i explained to the receptionist what the situation was .
Within an hour they rang back and told me it was done , she also told me she thought shed spotted one of the problems hes being having , he hadnt filled a sharing of information form in anywhere , so there was no sharing of information on his condition between social services , healthcare professionals , government etc etc , so we popped back and did that . But they cant fit him in for a month for his assessment , because he needs a long slot appointment with one of the actual full time Drs who will then deal with him full time . Another problem is he will blindly sign anything he is asked to with no question and will agree to anything , another symptom of his condition .
Then rang the Benefits Help at the Council and explained the situation to a lady ive met previously while trying to sort Mr Bah Humbug out . She has registered him as living here , it doesnt affect our situation because he is special needs. She did however point out a few things , if hes on the old system of benefits , his mother will have been getting Disability Living Allowance and maybe Mobility for him still , he will only have been getting Job seekers if and when he managed to claim it and that would be paid to his mother , we are well aware that he cant be expected to deal with money himself despite him thinking he can , so thats not an issue . What is an issue is that he hadnt seen her for over a month !! so thats why he ended up homeless and hungry , his mate who is 17 and just out of care had been looking after him , he is in a flat with a social worker keeping an eye on him and they had thrown Young Baldrick out .
Im beginning to think im taking part in a comedy of errors , the deafening silence from his mother after her abusive phone call speaks volumes about what has been going on
Tomorrow , i have to contact
Housing Needs
Adult Social Care
Job Center Plus

Wish me luck , i think by the time i get this sorted I will be old and grey...ooops i am old and grey already . ( maybe i should have put a line of smileys and little hearts here , but im to old and dumb to figure that out) pass the valium. Im going in !!!

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