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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Cheap Cheap Food

Todays adventures included a trip to the tin factory the little portacabin at Langrick Bridge .
Scary amounts of unhealthy but cheap food have been bought , So what have we hauled home today ?
6 jars of Robinsons marmalade 50p a case  , 12 large tins of spaghetti letters £1, numerous tins of beef curry 50p each, Big breakfast lots of 50p each , 25 packets of tuna in pizza sauce these are some posh survival food packs 25p each, numerous fishy pastes, soup , dates , jam washing up liquid  cappuchino etc etc

These bad boys that they have from time to time , that my daughter saw and said "oh God its dog food season again "  No its not dog bleedin food , its army bulk ration packs . 2.0 kg of mince in gravy , chicken chunks in their own juices and they also do steak in gravy , they have nearly a years date on them and i usually split them down once theyre opened and freeze what i dont use , you can get an awful lot of meals out of one pack the chickens good in whatever sauce you conjure up , these cost a whole £2.75 each .

Now for the good bit  , because we spent so much we were given 12 big family sized tins of marrowfat peas , out of date in the next couple of weeks but perfectly edible for months if not years  and self raising flour was help yourself . As you may have guessed we are back on the bleedin skint
 plan diet, add loads of veg and we wont die .lol  Creative uses for marmalade anyone?

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