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Monday, 22 February 2016

The Saga Begins

Well on this fine and sunny day lets give you an update on a few things .
Young Baldrick is enthroned on the sofa looking clean and fed , his dad however is just sat staring at him and shaking his head . He has morphed into Marilyn Manson , you know piercings black hair great clothing choices As a retired goth i see nothing strange in this , embarrassing teens are part of being a parent , My daughter once owned a white Adidas shell suit , that was worse , far worse .
Step one on the path of sorting his life out has begun , spoke to a lovely lady at Autism UK today. ...register him with our GP ask for him to be registered with a social worker for an assessment of needs. then speak to the nice lady again.  see how hard was that ?
What we hadnt bargained for was an abusive phone call from Mr Bah Humbugs ex and her partner , we are now child stealers it would seem ..bless they didnt want him when he was homeless did they .
They got Mr Bah Humbug on a grouchy day so i think he gave as good as he got , shes ringing back later to talk to me , im not having a grouchy day but i can soon arrange an injunction if she persists and i will make sure there are lots of witnesses if she turns up here creating .
Why is it the worse things are the better i find i cope ? mundane has never been my thing im afraid

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