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Sunday, 7 February 2016


Well I made it to the Jumble Sale at the Scout Hut yesterday and it was a regular bloodbath , just heaving with people which was a surprise due to the monsoon . Place had a selection of the blokes with the big bags , the ones who swing round and smack you in the face with them , guess its the penalty for being short  I was hoping I could show you some pictures but the camera has no batteries and 30 miles for a couple of batteries isnt happening . But I did spend a whole £1.30 making myself happy at the jumble , a posh leather ipad case , some glorious rosy and spot bedding in king size, must be nice because i got a "what the bloody hell is that " from Mr Bah Humbug ,bless him , hed happily sleep in a sack . Then there was a nice mohair mix cardi , that will doubtless get accidentally felted by No One but i wont shed tears because of the cost plus the cat already likes it .
So its a slow Sunday , piles of washing trying to set off down the fen in the icy wind , Chicken stew for tea bubbling away and making me hungry , sorted yet more for the charity shop , sometimes a lazy Sunday is a good thing , I may even ring my mother ,because  im feeling quite positive I could put up with the "you are a useless failure lecture "

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