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Friday, 26 February 2016

Step Back Relax and Go Ohm

I need to sleep big time , im starting to get rather testy as the kids have noticed .
Poor Young Baldrick Im sure he thinks hes landed in another world , yes I do get up at 5.30 to start the laundry and have a cup of tea , read the paper , do work paperwork and enjoy half an hours peace.
At this stage of the day it isnt wise to complain about anything at all , really not wise . In fact you are in severe danger of death if this bit of the routine is disturbed. Do not whine that the washer wakes you up and a bouncing seven year old wants a cup of tea and cartoons .
Second cup of tea time is when i clock on and not a moment before !!
Everyone gets up and goes to work , the job center , agency wherever they are heading. Hold conference over who will be here  for  tea and who needs  laundry doing today
Then its washing out , breakfast , get Mr Bah Humbug up help with washing and dressing , some days much more than others. Decide by how lame he is, what he can manage today , once the drugs have kicked in . Then the munchkin has second breakfast with grandad and does his reading while i get dressed and sorted .
Do not moan that you cant get in the bathroom , just wait your turn!!
8am start work phone calls and the first Young Baldrick phonecalls . 8.45 School run .
The fact that i come home settle at the computer and have a nice coffee does not mean i am, unlike your mother , who wouldnt be up for hours anyway, idle and playing bingo !! I am working , hours of research and reporting some days and now trying to sort your mess out . AAARRRGGGHHH
There is a jumble sale tomorrow and i will be going , even though im at work in the outer reaches of civilisation, I really need that half an hour of ME time , I will be going round with a begging bowl for coppers later

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