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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Petty Irritations of Life

Its been a strange sort of week , im working all hours so everything is piling up at home , they generally start whinging when they run out of socks so im just waiting for the comments to start . Bless them .
Got my wage slip and once again its not the full amount so the bank will be squealing , they will pay me eventually but WHEN is the question . Meanwhile my creditors are frothing at the mouth . You would think i owed as much as a banker , I totalled it up the other day, if one more company rings and tells me to contact the CAB I will hunt them down , im well aware i dont owe enough to go onto an IVA and nobody can bankrupt me but they do try to threaten it at every turn , im sorry but as a couple we have been living on £40 a week since November , you can threaten all you want , Mr Bah Humbug gets his PIP payments and that just covers essential bills ,they cant include PIP payments in any calculation for income they are for his disability ,  hes had to sub me for fuel as im busy at work so things are more than tight at the moment .
Nearly wee'd myself we have been taken over by some strange American company and my line manager has got a new job title ..Performance Enhancer.
Now heres this weeks HUGE annoyance , I had to cancel my insurance for my car , I got a new to me car from my daughter on her buy it now pay later scheme , mums rates.
  Its just a two door version of my car, same make, same model ,same age , i rang Swintons and they couldnt insure it on the same policy in fact they couldnt cover it at all for business usage ..grrrr . The insurance policy has been running for just over a month , the girl says theres a £25 cancellation fee , fine, bad enough . She turns round then and says that will be £111 pounds at which point i spat my dummy , apparently this is to cover their expenses !!! I will be taking this further !! She then says they wont issue my no claims certificate until I pay this , which will leave me unable to get insurance . It has taken 3 irate phonecalls to get them to admit they are in the wrong and they have finally sent the certificate but i now owe them £135 pounds because im not a customer any more . AAARRRGGGHH
My Swinton story just gets better I thought id check on the van policy with them , the little girl turns round and says it expired on 29th DEC , they hadnt renewed it !!! So ive been driving round with no insurance . I had spoke to them on the 23th Dec and they had agreed to continue it , for this year .

Now this story just gets better , I said please take this months payment of  which she did , then she turned round and said , we can no longer cover you with that policy , this year it will be £859 thats a £300+ increase , we have full no claims its more than the van is worth , I did wonder if it was because Mr Bah Humbug is now officially disabled ? I asked the question and pointed out that would be covered by the disability discrimination laws if that was the case, which she denied  . I told them to forget it we would go elsewhere which we have at over £500 pound cheaper , now we get to the good bit .
She then says that she has to charge a £25 cancellation fee , for what ? they are holding ,my no claims certificate  still  and I am going to try again tomorrow ...wish me luck
The moral of the story is dont insure through Swintons , ive been with them for over 20 years without problems , try to leave them and they will try to commit highway robbery .

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