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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

NHS & Auction Time

Hospital again today with Mr Bah Humbug , he managed to go on his own yesterday only to be asked why nothing had been done in 18 months yet again . Because we dont call our GPs Doctor Dolittles for nothing mate , they are a patient led practice? think that means theyre all kiddie Drs and theyve done the theory but not had much practice ? anyway hes pencilled in for another pain relieving minor surgery next month .  
Just looked up "patient led"  basically its NHS speak for unless the patient asks for it dont do anything . Well that will work well if you dont know what is up with you wont it? Dr Google it is then ? I'm spending so much time already , booking his appointments filling in questionaires and forms and so much more , maybe i should open a GP translation service?

Now for the interesting stuff , the weekend auction haul had a couple of large boxes of childrens books , lots of movie and rupert bear etc , not in great condition so I will have to find a use for them. Ive spent a happy hour immersed in them and i have plans to cut up Rupert Bear . Theres a few gems that I will ebay into    when i get round to it and yet more steam train magazines , Dyson kits ?? etc etc 

Liked this and couldnt bear to bin it so put it on for 99p  it fetches silly money in good condition , it wasnt produced in the USA . Pop Up Books used to be a big thing on ebay but they have calmed down now 

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