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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Ebay and Age

Ive decided that the biggest depressing put down in life  is filling in online forms , the distance I have to scroll down just to find my birth year is scary !!!
So in my bid to pay a few bills this week Ive been loading Ebay with a few bits everyday , but i need money so I cant load it with my usual cheap and cheerful bits and bobs it has to be the stuff ive squirreled away that sells for a bit more , all the clothing bits did well at Buy It Now prices . But the big surprise was this little portable typewriter .Olympia 66

So keep your eyes peeled for these , the same model with cursive keys sells for over £200 , mine went for £40 to trade, who im sure will change the pica keys for cursive , it sold as soon as i listed it .But  i bought it for 50p for the munchkin to play with in the summer and i'm not a seller who can afford to wait for months for it to sell . Ive seen loads of these little black cases tucked away in charity shops and never given them a second glance ...Ho hum such is life

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