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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Lazy Weekend

Its been a domestic servitude and think about what to do next  couple of day  Theres a huge vat of Irish Stew bubbling in the cauldron and the whole house smells of food , its making me hungry all the time , its for tomorrow im informed .

Crafty challenge what do next ? ive my hexi quilt, thats got to the realms of never seeming to reach the end, but its not for anyone or a purpose so im not hurried .  lots of little projects half done but the urge to start something else is upon me .  I know one thing that i will tackle in the summer , the living room curtains are fading fast even with heavy liners, so im debating crazy quilting on to the top of the layers , ive tons of furnishing fabric remnants so it seems like a project worth tackling . Plus ive several laundry bags of pillowcases and scraps that need a purpose so i might do some quick machine quilting.

Meanwhile I will worship at the altar of commercialism and admire my Baby Oleg  While I read trashy romances on the ipad

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