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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

I Won I Won

Now as you know im not the sort of blogger whos going to be sent goods to review , im of that age where the best they would send would be tena lady and wrinkle cream!! plus they would get an honest review .
Then theres the competition habit that i try to keep secret , but ive gone by the 5 a day rule for a year or more just the free draw , press a button to enter variety , won the odd free commercialised item , egg timers, oven gloves, vouchers for foodstuffs that kind of thing . Its a standing joke that i only win things that arent any use to me ..Anyway over xmas , i decided to spend an afternoon doing draws because i was so fed up at buying everybody nothing for xmas due to the financial apocalypse we were going into .
Guess what ? In January I got an email saying id won a £500 jewellery voucher from and Women & Home magazine , still didnt get my hopes up because it does say that in a lot of cases you never see the prize and can spend ages chasing them up ,I let my daughter go mad and order what she wanted and theyre jewellery is all made to order . Yesterday we received a box full of gorgeous , beautifully made and packed , shes over the moon , I feel slightly better at the lack of xmas ...just need to win something for the boys
So thank you to the staff at I Love A Lassie for making this a beautiful and pain free experiance

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