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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Benefits Land An Alternate Reality Story

Everyday the excursion to Benefits Land becomes a little stranger , today we had a lovely lady from the Council come to counsel us and help us fill forms in . The wonderful 40 page ATOS form is an experience, bless him it took forever and Mr Bah Humbug was losing the will to live , it seems that hes a hopeless cripple when you add up all the stuff wrong with  him , plus the effects of the wonderful array of drugs hes on . but as he puts it "Im just a bit lame and crazy"
I have to say the council lady was very helpful , she wants to know why we havent applied for PIP something weve never heard of . So weve sent off for another 40 page form for that and she will make another appointment to fill that in , havent a clue what it is . Apparently were entitled to it ?
I just hate that word Entitled , weve struggled on for years we've paid our taxes but we dont want to be Entitled , we want Mr Bah Humbug to get to the stage where he can work again . He has a meeting to see if they can offer him retraining in a couple of weeks , im just hoping they have something constructive to offer him . Mentally he seems a lot better but it doesnt take much to make him crash and burn .
Also she has suggested I apply for carers allowance , but I dont think hes at that stage yet , hes had a few really bad weeks , but usually he can look after himself  ok , plus I dont want to be his carer.
Im his partner , you just do things for each other why should it have the carers label stuck on it ? Im his dictionary , secretary , washerwoman , and companion  . Its for better or worse whether we have the bit of paper or not . yes theres days I resent the fact thats hes limiting my busy fun packed life , not that it was very fun packed before  But I know theres days when hes in agony and in painkiller heaven and cant even get out of bed . He came for a ride to Grimsby yesterday just to get out for a few hours , but he walks so slowly its hard work and when we get home hes on the painkillers straight away .
A friend commentated the other day that it looks like hes had a stroke because its all down one side , but no its just a damaged spine , that we have to learn to live with longterm , theres no quick fix for this one , its progressive but if hes sensible ( fat chance ) he should be mobile for a good few years yet . He says hes off to the vets to be put down when he has to have a mobility scooter and hes been looking up disabled adaptions for his trike ......

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