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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Benefits Land Back to Victorian Values

Now my current excursion into benefits land has brought to my attention some rather strange changes to the system . The change to Universal Credit which is being gradually phased in , will actually be of benefit to us . But for some the change is going to be a huge retrograde step that impacts directly on those in a Domestic Violence situation
The most worrying statement in the article is that Job Center staff are going to be given training in how to spot domestic violence .
Im sorry but in their wildest dreams do they think this will work?  Nobody "spots " domestic violence at the 10 minute Job Center interview or on a phone . Domestic Violence lurks in the households that you would least expect with those who you would least expect . Its a crime that has no definition of class, wealth or gender . Im sorry but i can see that lives will be lost as a direct result of this change , paying benefits to the head of the household is a retrograde step that will send us back to the dark ages and save the government pennies . Im old enough to remember the Labour Exchange and the blokes who got the money and went straight to the pub , kids who had nothing and the terrified scrawny wives . Nowadays it will be straight to the drug dealer or the bookies . back then sex within marriage was often just to get a few pennies to feed the kids. When child benefit came in back in the 70s and it was paid direct to the mother it changed so many lives .
For all those who exist in a happy relationship it shouldnt be a problem , its often hard to see why people dont walk away from abusive relationships , but once children come along it can be very hard. , Womens Aid do fantastic underated work and the police have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years in dealing with domestic violence, but the Job Center ? cant see it can you

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