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Friday, 13 February 2015

KKK Fashion

Now , you may have realised that the Kardasian Klan of Klingons and Wannabees are quite often victims of my humour , though I suspect they may not see the funny side or understand it . I never even got a thankyou for offering to wedding plan for Kim and Mr misery Guts

So lets take a look at the world of KKK fashion , now I have to say Mr K has excelled himself , his level of fashion resembles that 60s kids toy with the plastic stencils .
Plus theres the strange obsession with american tan tights , does this bloke have a fetish for wrinkly ankles? Why are the models wearing them on their heads?  do they use them to rob food stores to get a decent meal?

Looking at the pics , you get the impression that last night he realised hed penciled the date in his diary then realized hed done nothing , got his staff to pop down to the local army surplus grab a few coats  some thrift shop jumpers and a dodgy bunch of folks to model it all , roped the family in and got the blow up Anna Wintour doll out of the box and plonked it on the front row .

Poor Kim sat there in her tights and dodgy camo had to take her kid because they couldnt afford a baby sitter !! times must be hard at the Kardasian House

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