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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Auction Time

Ive not been around for a few days , having spent Saturday at the auction room . Yep my daughter sent me out because ive being going stir crazy , had a busy work week and ive been driven steadily mad by Mr Bah Humbug whos had to sell his beloved trike having faced the fact he isnt going to be able to ride it again and cant afford the 3k to have the adaptions it needed . Dread to think what hes going to replace it with , but common sense isnt his forte .
Anyway there were a lot of sales on Saturday so i went to Market Rasen where i figured I could get a comfy seat and not spend much ,well i didnt have much to spend . I went more for the social aspect because i havent been there for ages and needed to talk to adults who arent full of painkillers .
Knowing the auctioneer well I knew hed knock a few £1 box lots down to me just to keep the auction moving , he knows i dont mind lots that will burn !! This auction was a catologue on the internet only one and because there were so many auctions that day there were a lot of  commission bids the posh stuff fetched in the £100s  but if there wasnt any commission bids it was going for a £1 or £2 a box , one lady got over 30 boxes of china for £1 each , so glad he knows i dont like china

First item I got was a large religious picture as the catalogue stated , but i got there five minutes before the start and hadnt viewed . went to pick up and this is what I found , A very topical Trial of Cardinal Wolsey the Tudors and the excellent Wolf Hall being on the telly at the moment I figure it may sell , the frames sort of nice in a battered silver way . I will give it a try as a buyer collect item on ebay but if not i will pay someone to take it away come the carboot season . Everyone swears by Facebook selling  but out here its just full  of kids clothes and games theres never anything else on it .
But then I made a fatal mistake i bid on a box of motorcycle magazines that i figured would keep Mr Bah Humbug amused for a while , I got the box then he knocked every box of magazines in the sale down to me I had to take the van on Sunday morning to collect it all then spent most of the day sat shivering in the back of the van sorting it all out . First sorting to be listed today several hundred Model Engineering magazines that i need out of the way they date from the 30s to 2006 , job lot buyer collect , they sell individually for a £1 or so each , im hoping someone will want them
Much more to show you in my next post

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