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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Weird Auction Item

So heres the item that baffles me the most from the recent auction haul not quite sure how it ended up in the endless boxes of magazines . A Do it yourself Flower Lamp from the 50s 0r  60s I would imagine, due to the wiring and the bakelite round pin plug . I have the large globe in the picture plus the slightly smaller round globe , not a clue what to do with these , there is nowhere I can store them safely in this mad house , nowhere is safe from the munchkin !! they would look awesome rewired with succulents or air plants in them , or even a mossy fairy garden , not a lot of good for ebay as no matter how well wrapped they wouldnt be postable. Decisions,

Then theres this Aynsley plate very horsy with heavy gold raised trim , I hate listing breakables but ebay I think .
Then theres a Prince William birth plate , sadly about as popular as Ebola in this country , every box lot has a recent royalty commemorative item that you cant give away, charity shop methinks .
Ebay has sadly let me down this week , one 99p

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