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Thursday, 19 March 2015

A Thrifty Week

Lets settle down for a good bitch!!
Well im trying to make the whole family curl there toes with embarrassment and shame. Ive dragged Mr Bah Humbug and Baldrick to the porn shop with some broken jewellery , then I opened an account at the scrap yard and sold the catalytic converter that fell off my daughters car for a whole £15 which was quite impressive for something so small that it fitted in a carrier bag .Nowadays theyre not allowed to pay cash for scrap it all has to go through a bank account so you must take photo ID and a bank card , its yet another government plot to stop people earning money cash in hand.
 Plus ive arranged to see a vintage clothing shop about the furs and some other things i had kicking around . Tomorrow I have an evil plan to bag up all the clothes they leave lying around and sell them to the rag man .
This may all sound a little drastic  but I have to find an extra weeks rent to get my two rent free weeks over easter, bless them I do love the Council we owed them 60p last time and they charged us for the rent free weeks!!
I must admit ive done a bit of thrift shopping over the last few days nothing very exciting and all for pennies . Couple of Lowestoft Calyx Adams Ironstone modern serving plates big hefty factory seconds I think as they dont have the usual tiny flowers on . A Terry Pratchett that I hadnt read (sadly missed) and a box of vintage baubles , theres also a t shirt and a work shirt for me and this lot gave me change from a £1 . More ebay listing tomorrow if i get the time , must get the rent money somehow sure they will all thank me for my efforts on their behalf

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