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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Meanwhile In The Real World

Domestic Servitude kind of day , my dishwasher is stopping at his girlfriends so we have lots of clean pots , caught up on the washing , cooked lots of out of date food with added approved food .
But its the fifth week of my five week month and the discussion this morning was if i could afford the fuel for work or did I need to save the fuel to do a hospital run tomorrow with Mr Bah Humbug . Would we have enough electricity to last till Friday and could we afford bread and milk for the week . Times are grim at the house of nettle knickers ..Mr Bah Humbug is getting quieter and quieter , not a good thing . I just think back to my first marriage when we couldnt afford anything to eat but my ex could afford a bottle of navy rum everyday , this is easy poverty compared to that. We still have tons of food in the house , the heating oil is still running and both cars are still legal .

Ebay listing bits and bobs , mainly tedious boring engineering and modelling man bait , did sell the big picture someones coming from London to pick it up . Ive sorted a few bits to list tomorrow as well .

Then I sort of got into this little Lloyd Loom basket , stripped it all down then realised nobody has half inched my staple gun !! I could have had it finished and in use today instead its stood looking sad and lonely in the corner

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