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Saturday, 14 March 2015

£1 Thrift Happiness

Sometimes its the little things make you happy , in the scheme of today that . Mr Bah Humbug has split his stitches (Contrary to his opinion , he is not dying its clean dry and just a mess) and were stuck at home waiting for the youngest to be delivered to the Little Prison Camp in the Fens !!! Once again hes in bother , skipping off college and doing weed this time , couldnt have come at a better time . Were struggling to feed the 5 thousand already , so another mouth to feed isnt good ,though  his visit has occasioned my son fleeing to his girlfriends for the duration so you win some lose some .
Big plus points of the week , dont you just love this vintage unused apron , not a keeper into ebay it will go , but it just made me smile .

Theres a whole £1 ive wasted on myself , like I needed more fabric? Laura Ashley sample packs , various other samples and a selection of vintage barkcloth cushion covers , that i can reuse the fabric of , even a bit of Sanderson

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