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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Yesterday I was working in Boston Lincolnshire,  i managed a couple of hours in town haunting the charity shops .The first thing you notice about Boston is that it has a thriving market still , mainly because once you retire thats where you go on a wednesday. Ive visions of compulsory bus trips herding them all on board with a cattle prod in the villages. Another question once you retire is it compulsory to wear beige ? Ive reached the age where "on trend" is meaningless not quite got to the beige stage yet but who knows .
Did wander into a few charity shops , Katherine Holme nice enamel casserole £39.00 thank you , yes Age Concern im talking about you !! Butterfly Hospice , love you, 3 gorgeous 1930s knitting patterns , lots of rather nice stuff in there , reasonably priced even the retro stuff goes on the shelves rather than in some dealers boot . RSPCA why did i bother ?  Took a ride via Kirton home, this has a little Scouts charity shop which i love , tiny so they have to shift stuff fast and cheap, erratic opening hours , lovely staff , a proper old school charity shop.. So yesterday i managed to do my job and spend a stunning £1.60 , this includes a couple of books which will be recycled back to the charity shop

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  1. You're making me itch to go round the chazzas - it's been 10 days! Well done on only spending £1.60. That casserole price is mental! x