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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Torksey : Kill some time

A Lunch hour treat for me today , Torksey Car Boot , starts at the very civilised time of 12 oclock . Got to love this place the familiar rutted hell hole car park, lots of wasps , and the aroma of burgers . Not as much there as on a  Saturday, but the quality is better , lots of house clearance folks with nowhere better to go , lots of retro, lots of everything really . Once youve dodged the men with the big bags in the rugby scrum when they open the gates , Im sure you know the type pig ignorant experts on everything youre selling , ive always found the best way to deal with them was to double the price on everything they wanted, listen to the sob story about how their dying granny cant survive without it, then laugh as they gave you a mouthful and walked away . Tons of stuff i could have bought , but im on a strict budget and one  sold one bought regime at the moment ( bit like the steps programme for alcoholics ). Anyway heres my diverse haul . The big stonewhere vase is a thing of retro loveliness , this is a crap photo , its has a gorgeous handle and a very 30s vibe going on with the landscape, deer and flowers , its still got its original sticker for Blue John Pottery on , condition isnt great, its got a fair few flakes to the paintwork , i will try and clean it and see how it goes , to big and heavy for ebay , so might have to be creative with the resale of this one, could be a guest for a little while i think . Just look at Mr Piggy , a bargeware hand painted 60s Scarborough piggy bank , hope someone on ebay likes him as much as I do . And just to prove im not welded to retro , a Margaret Sherry Cattitudes sandwich tray , another for ebay methinks


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