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Friday, 20 September 2013

Friday On My Mind

Work just spoils a good day trip a single charity shop , nada . So ive had to list a few bits that seem to have been here forever , I could probably list for the next thousand years and still have to much stuff , it hasnt quite turned into an episode of hoarders yet , but theyre have been times when ive had to stop taking my purse out with me? Is that bad?
 Anyway heres my next boring lazy day job , you cant sell jigsaws without of a photo of the completed item, unless theyre new and sealed , I love retro jigsaws and ive sort of bought loads and then never got any down
time to actually do them , ho hum, so what did I buy yesterday , youve guessed it jigsaws !!! These are my favourites  Waddingtons 500 round jigsaws  these are from 1969 /1970 , ive not seen the moonprobe one  before , so now i just need a grandkid free few days and i can puzzle to my hearts content .

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