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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Motivation Thursday

Ive come to a conclusion that Thursday is just not my day for motivation 
Up at 6am read blogs, online paper ,sort grandson out for school, pick daughter up from school run , do some paperwork realise its nearly lunchtime and youve forgot your breakfast and to hang the washing out in that small window of drying time you get this time of year .  Realise the kids have returned the hoover full and bunged up ...lose the will to live at this point . 
Spend an hour looking for a wretched paperweight id lost thats sold , list a pile of stuff on ebay  , do post run ,cook tea. Then its 6oclock and my daughter makes me a cup of tea ( Thanks Love) She says I must mention the fact that she managed to scald my crotch with it
Now in an ideal world i would be going for a nice hot soak and an early night with a good book ..Nah 
Ive come to talk to you instead , im amazed people seem to be reading my ramblings , so please feel free to comment , i dont bite , mainly cos im old and

Alvingham Love 

Anyway , how much Alvingham can one girl own , They make the pots in so many sizes that you can stack them inside each other like Russian Dolls !! Pin dishes can be hidden by the dozen in your filling cabinet . I'm banned from bringing home any more table lamps and the birdy feeder things are hard to hide . Its a 70s retro dream. Love the colours its doesnt break or chip easily and its slowly creeping up in price which doesnt matter to me. I dont collect the brown tableware which is lovely because i havent got space.  Spot the odd one out in the picture ? The white one is signed Pru Green 67 so its my oldest .

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