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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Car Boot Sales

Wandering around on a Sunday morning looking for bargains is something i didnt think id do again, but today was so glorious, plus  there was a teenage bloodbath helped along by a 4 year old going on at home and Mr Bah humbug had dragged his trike out .
So off to New York i go. Sounds very glamorous but its a little village near Boston , with a windswept field . 30 stalls approx, which isnt bad for rural Lincolnshire , I feel i was very good really, I resisted the urge to buy a huge box of vintage wooden coat hangers , realising im never going to get round to making them funky, a la Mollie Makes , did buy some nice thin cotton curtains for the fabric , daughter keeps moaning for a green themed quilt . Spotted some vintage christmas stuff , the lady practically gave me it, then kept adding more boxes to the pile, which was kind of worrying . Im trying to downsize the mounds of stuff i already have !!!
But im sure Ebay will help with that problem . Ringtons tea Jubilee mugs all boxed up as new 20p , couldnt turn them down and they dont sell so theyre MINE. plus a little tiny victorian pansy jug , not sure what i will do with that but its pretty .. Then on the way home I saw the sign again , so Tattershall Lakes car boot had to be visited , I suppose it was half 10 by then and all the good stuff could have gone , but still it was pretty bad , a glorified Sunday market with the same old car booters with the same stock week in week out ,spent a grand total of 20p   on a Hillstonia little planter that i will use .
But now heres my rant for the week , why is it every big commercial car boot has a proper car park thats like a rutted land rover play area , all the money they have, can they not fill in pot holes!!!!


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    1. I thought they were very Emma Bridgewater , bizarre what you can pick up for 20p , but then patriotism and royalty arent considered trendy these days