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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Im doing really well ive motivated myself into doing a second episode !!! once i get the hang of this i may even attempt pictures . In the meantime i will just continue to ramble on. Todays chore is put more of the totally strange objects i buy onto ebay , thats me Katies Recycle, long term sporadic ebay seller . Sometimes it grates a little selling on ebay , when you come from a family of hoarders its hard to part with stuff that belonged to your mum or grannie , but i have this little motivational voice "pay the rent , pay the rent" , plus a ginger cat who thinks he should have Iams instead of Value cat biscuits .
I read a fair few bloggs , some have been going for a long while others have suddenly vanished , Hardup Hester where are you? Some have gone on to get sponsership deals and loads of goodies sent to them , but they tend to be the yummy mummies , not the evil old hags like me with teenagers to police , hair like a greying scouring pad  and a washing pile the size of a small country .  Do people really live in these strange white painted homes with children? How many granny squares can one person crochet? Theres the really baffling American ones where they just lay tables with different china every day and take photos ...strange
ENOUGH....time to list OHs Dr Martens that he wont miss and my mothers glass crimbo ornaments

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