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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Thursday : Gloom

Lovely day for it?  just returned to the bat cave after a drippy day at work. Thats the gloomy bit ,on the plus side , I managed to thrift shop my way round the county . I came back laden up with all manner of strangery , best comment of the day, as i go to pay "are you sure you want that ?" . Sadly not a lot for ebay , but an awful lot of stuff for ME...Ive ended up with of a pile of 1975 Fashion maker , a part work ive never seen before , not just dressmaking lots of knitting and crochet I want to wade through , sadly clothes for skinny chicks and if i put them away for 20 years they may have pile of jigsaws as well , all will be revealed .  So no listing tonight , ive an appointment with a stack of magazines

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