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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Saturday Something Different

All the readers of my blog (Thankyou) you  must think i do nothing but drive around, wander round car boot sales and sit and play with my ebay . Its the weather, its the end of September and its just nice to be outside , its sunny and pleasant and your not turning into a sweaty crispy critter .

Today  Mr Bah Humbug  took me to the Auto Jumble at Hemswell , you do get strange looks at an autojumble if your female, they assume you must have been only going out with your fella for a few weeks and are just indulging his interests
 But I love them , you can find the strangest items to repurpose , theres nothing like the look on a sellers face when you tell them its for your bathroom wall and its a lump of something oily and rusty , didnt buy anything today which is unusual , but Mr BH was a happy man.
This afternoon I dragged a protesting teenager to a Jumble Sale , not been to one in years but it was local , picked up this odd item. I thought it was reproduction it looks so new , Royal Worcester transfer printed plate from 1896 . The Mayor was having a bit of an ego trip so when he got elected he gave one of these to every school child in Worcester, bet they were all baffled . Sadly all I bought , but it was worth it for the experience  ,little old ladies are still vicious when it comes to bargains, dealers still pretend theyre poor needy folks who should be sold stuff for pennies and I just enjoyed the spectacle

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