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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Highland Fling & Things

I still havent had a chance to go to a single car boot this season and its not looking good weather wise for the Bank Holiday Weekend ...Ho Hum
Managed to pop into Uniques Wednesday rubbish auction ....oops sorry General & Household Sale ,this morning , it was stuffed with all manor of lovelies, but im rammed full of car boot stuff at the moment and just need a nice dry sunny day to get rid of it all , nope we dont do many yard sales in the UK , wouldnt be a lot of good here anyway , its the middle of nowhere and most of the locals are to snotty to .
They had an amazing trunk packed with my 70s favourite curtains , but i could hardly stay for hours and the curtains alone would have been under £5 if they hadnt been in a  trunk that would have fetched £30 .
What I did spot was the sign up for Coleby car boot on Sunday and theres another at Tattershall village Hall on Monday . So maybe next week I will have lots to show and tell ?
Heres my sole purchase for this week a whopping 10p and it was truly filthy , but it had to come home, you cant leave a lonely Highlander just sat there can you .It was a pleasant surprise to find it was full of ancient embroidery transfers and silks , you can never have too many can you ?

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