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Friday, 1 May 2015

Ohm...........Benefits Land

I was struggling with the concept of blogging today when we got a phonecall. Yes its the Department of Work and Pensions , good old DWP for Mr Bah Humbug . Very polite lady who informed us that because it was a Bank Holiday Weekend , they had put the results of Mr Bah Humbugs last medical in the post , but were ringing us to inform of the results ....

Yes could we have them

We are sorry to tell you you will no longer receive any Employment and Support Allowance ESA

OK errr

What your partner needs to do is apply for Job Seekers Allowance JSA

But hes classed as severely disabled and it was JSA that told him he must apply for ESA  Just a minute , he has a sick note till June saying he is unfit to work .

That doesnt matter he must re apply for JSA

Please could you tell me how many points he got at the medical .

He scored 0 out of 15

Isnt that impossible , that would mean hes perfectly fit ?

That is correct

But hes just been given disability payments from a medical with you 2 days before this one .

Thats to help with the expense of his disability.

But youve just said hes perfectly fit .

There are different criteria for this medical , if you can sit through the 45 minute test then your perfectly fit for full time work .

So nobody can pass it then?
OK we would like to lodge an appeal . I gather we can have a full copy of the medical report as well

We will post it to you , you cannot appeal until you receive these documents

So thats it back at square one again , Mr Bah Humbug says hes going away to die because thats all hes worth . Meanwhile ive got to start the whole sorry procedure of appeals , which i gather will take months during which its likely we will be living on his bit of disability and my scabby £50 a week , guess its back to living the £1 challenge for us all yet again .
Just so sick of it all , every night theres programmes on the TV showing benefits claimants living the life of Reilly, disabled folks off winning olympic medals in the normal olympics and  bleedin Gwyneth Paltrow buying a basket of limes as groceries .
The reality of it all is very different week in week out

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