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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Diary of a Lax Blogger

Im still here folks , somewhat subdued and lackluster , but still here .
Still fighting benefit wars and losing the will to live , so what has this week had to offer inspiration wise . This week about the only thing ive managed to achieve is putting up the summer curtains , fibreglass roses and 10p from a jumble sale last summer , theyre all shaking there heads in horror and i just think theyre cheery and will probably disintegrate by the end of  

Well today its Pain Clinic with Mr Bah Humbug , its only taken 5 months to get this appointment so were hoping for some help . doubtless it will take hours. 
Tuesday I may go tout my CV round a few agencies , fairly sure they wont entertain me due to my age but got to go through the motions .
Wednesday , a full days work , put the flags out , have a party then realize it will take months for them to pay me for it  sadly this means that Mr Bah Humbug will have to venture to benefits land on his own , could be interesting on the grounds that his walking is dire at the moment and theres no disabled access or parking anywhere near the building. 
Thursday , Auction at Market Rasen , if I have any fuel , I cant afford to buy , but I just need some  adult company , that doesnt ask how things are at the moment .
Friday ...relax blog , pot on cabbage seedlings. 
Add on to this endless domestic servitude , a week of munchkin minding , job searching cooking and living on a budget of zilch... etc etc.. seeking inspiration from a pile of vintage 70s womens magazines that i dont remember ever buying

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