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Sunday, 5 April 2015

£1 Worth of Thrift

A Little light relief from my hellish home life ..What better than the fact ive spent a whole £1 on Bits and bobs that i really didnt need , but they do make me smile and cheer me up a bit . A whole bag full of my pleasure . On a good side i did deposit 3 dustbin bags of rags at the Bridge Christian Shop , baffling to me is theyve had pink and lemon Pyrex mixing bowls in store for 2 weeks and nobody has even looked at them...tempted so tempted

Anyway where else could i get cheap and cheerful fabric but the Moorlands Relate shop , single flannelette rose printed sheet , faded but gorgeous kitty childs sheet and an unusual hippy cotton skirt that will cut up a treat . Theres even a beautifully embroidered tablecloth that was 10p  it has a mark , err it has a pin prick rust spot on the very edge . A little reading material , amazing vintage san francisco trams headscarf  , a future collectable Ikea teddy , I think I will put him away for 20 years after all theyre a kids toy how many will survive ?

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