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Saturday, 25 April 2015

A Weeks Worth of Thrift & Politics

I do feel that im rather neglecting the blog and ebay at the moment , to much time spent running around in the real world trying to sort out our financial mess and Mr Bah Humbugs disability , that requires endless forms , medicals , physio, telephoning etc etc etc .
Plus its the season of sorting the veg garden out and this apathetic bunch arent exactly being helpful , currently nuked full of painkillers after yesterdays maul things about and hack down trees day . I managed a whole hour at an auction this week , but the phone never stopped , yet again i needed to go somewhere with Mr Bah Humbug .I managed to get a big pile of 50s and 60s jigsaws for next to nothing , so they will sit and gather dust till i get a chance to complete them.  Ive tons of work but no money for the fuel to complete it , im hoping its nice tomorrow so i can do a car boot sale to fund fuel for next week ,as pay day isnt till Friday .
You see we recklessly squandered what money we did have on filling the freezer and an Approved Food order , im struggling with the concept of full cupboards and ive lost the will to cook , after all shouldnt we be living on junk food and takeaways as benefit recipients?

Im currently howling with laughter at the election campaign , talk about in hiding , we had David Cameron in Lincoln yesterday preaching to his own party , didnt want to meet the public did you Dave? none of them seem to want to actually speak to the voters its always the chosen few who get to speak to them. Does that moment when Gordon Brown lost the last election by calling a voter a stupid bigoted woman when she asked him about immigration stick in their minds ?
I must admit im getting to like Nick Clegg , hes like an evil imp , putting the boot into all and sundry , nothing to lose , so lets tell the truth seems to be his motto .
But let me explain for those of you in other countries , we have a General Election in less than Two Weeks , we cant stand any of the people who are standing for election , they are all well known liars , expenses cheats , PR men and brother stabbers . So its all a big non event , not a single one is worthy of our vote , so once again we will end up with some cobbled together bunch of egomaniacs . UKIP will probably do quite well and someone is going to have to suck up to them , not sure who though . Or we could just end up ruled by the Little Scottish Biddy whos the scariest thing since Thatcher. Milliband doesnt stand a chance in a coalition with her he will served up with a side of  neeps and tatties . She is proper hard core Labour back from the depths, theres nothing New about the Scots.....So yep come next month the political holocaust begins , cant wait .

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