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Monday, 13 April 2015

Grumpy Old Bird Monday

 Ive not been around for a few days because it was my mothers 80th , now you would think big party etc etc mother and I get along on the grated teeth principle the less we see of each other , the less disappointed we are with each other . We speak on the phone a couple of times a week and if she needs anything she only has to ask , but its still a bit grated teeth . I find her offensively racist, homophobic and just a general hater of the human race , in other words she supports UKIP and believes everything she reads in the Daily Mail !! . I knew this wasnt going to be a good experience, after all i'm now one of the scrounging class she loathes .
My daughter took me and we took the munchkin , his first visit to Great Grandma , that aspect went quite well she was sweetness and light to him , on the phone she refers to him as the bastard!!  I'd already warned her that i would just walk out if she started .
Now she has two birthdays , one in the week to which she invites her friends , the ladies  who lunch , the relatives she likes and who have achieved in life, then  we had to sneak down at the weekend . She wanted to go for a bar meal , we went to a lovely restaurant had a great meal , it was damned expensive but it was what she picked , apart from the muttering when she realised the waiter was a foreigner she was very well behaved . Im sure she picked the place on purpose , the meal came to more than we spend on groceries in two weeks , im just not going to pay the council tax this
Now for the thing that bothered me , yesterday we had 10 for lunch , my daughters mates , kids, the boys, uncle tom cobley and all . I love having a house full , its a challenge on our current budget but I always manage , there was even folks sat on the stairs eating because we ran out of seats.
It just struck me how much happier I am here with my family , the cobbled together , screwball , failed in life bunch of misfits that me and Mr Bah Humbug have given to each other . I love the lot of them and im blessed that they all feel welcome here.
Then I think of my mother counting her money and living alone . Sorry Mum but im singularly unimpressed with how far in life youve got , hard work may have bought you riches but you had children you never had a minute for, who never had friends home , who were browbeaten through there whole childhood for not being good enough , I would sooner have my disastrous benefit scrounger life than put up with you .
Thats my therapy for today , now you can all unfriend me for being

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