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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Fen Trolls v Holidaymakers

The problem with living in a holiday area is that come Easter Break the hoards arrive , dragging there homes behind them in some cases . today ive twice been nearly demolished by geriatric caravan pullers .
 Hey up Mavis does the map say left or right?
Ah well i will indicate right then turn left then
Bleedin locals do they not know were on holiday !!

 Try to get parked in Woodhall Spa , give up theres 4WDs  everywhere , one parent with three wobbly little kids on bikes.
India , India stay on the path!!!
Cant the pensioners move any quicker ?
Bleedin Locals dont they know were on holiday ?

Follow huge 4WD down single track road , they will of course be driving up the middle of the road, prepare for sudden stops without warning .
 Hey up Mavis theres a pheasant on the road , we dont see them at home .
Whys that car behind beeping ?
Dont they know were on holiday?

Go down to Horncastle , theres nothing in the shops , there out the door at the bank , everythings been raised in price , its no fun being a bleedin local in a holiday

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