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Friday, 29 August 2014

The London Experiance part 2

Sometimes i think i fetched my abilities to understand art from a previous life , day 2 in London I only wanted to go and do one thing . The Tower of London WWI tribute , seemed appropriate as my great grandad was one of those whose body was never recovered . I nearly fainted £22 to get in,  i think not , though there are concessions if you prebook . But you dont need to go in to see the poppies theyre in the moat , turns out theyre an installation?  they were impressive.

I was dragged to Westminster to see everything , the nicest thing was the security guards at the supreme court , of some African origin? they were lovely cheery blokes , it was so nice to find someone friendly . I think that was the one big difference I did notice after 20 years , all the foreign people in the service industries , but they were all so nice and capable i cant see what the problem is .
But then my daughter got her shopping head on and i lost the will to live , i was merely there as a pack , so in just 3 hours she dragged me on and off the tube umpteen times , we went to M&M world
Hamleys , Covent Garden which was just an overpriced hell hole ,China Town the one place I had to be dragged from , I was forbidden to shop on this trip due to lack of funds , but being surrounded with weird
Chinese tat is paradise for me , i wanted to shoplift a big bag of waving kitties and Chinese opera masks
Back to the hellhole that is Victoria Coach Station for 4pm bus , this was like a UN refugee camp , really grim , the drive back through London did amuse me , we drove down Oxford Street past mega Primark and all along the window ledges outside were sat hoards of arab ladies in their black robes surrounded by mountains of Primark bags . Thy say they all come to London to shop at the end of Eid, all that money to get here and they raid Primark?

So has London changed much in 20 years ? The English seem more miserable , not every face you see is a foreigner despite what UKIP say . The  streets  are much cleaner  , despite there being few bins . There still arent enough toilets and they dont signpost the ones that they do have. The pigeons are still the mangiest specimens in the world  and I think it must be very easy for those in a position of power to forget that anything outside the city of London matters or even exists, but its probably  not fair to judge London on the bit of the city we saw , the suburbs may be very different

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